NEWS New application note

Cycling battery with reference electrode by using the PAT-cell test cell (On the web July 21, 2016)

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Intermittent Contact (ic) SECM for relief of major topographic features (On the web July 20, 2016)

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(On the web July 8, 2016)

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Now compatible with Windows 10 (on the web July 5, 2016)

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(On the web July 1, 2016)

EVENTS 17th International Photosynthesis

From 08/07/2016 to 08/12/2016

Maastricht – Netherlands

ACS Fall

From 08/21/2016 to 07/25/2016

Philadelphia – USA

ISE 67th Fall meeting

From 08/21/2016 to 08/26/2016

Tha Hague – Netherlands

EuroBic 13th

From 08/28/2016 to 09/01/2016

Budapest – Hungary

ECL 2016

From 08/29/2016 to 08/31/2016

Bordeaux – France